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KT Games

Australian Made Family Game

KT Games was formed in 2014. We have combined the individual strengths of 4 people to create a new game based on table tennis, but with an exciting new twist. This idea has captured our imagi-nation, and we wish to share it with the world.

Company Directors

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Leigh Trevethan

CEO and Business Development Manager

Leigh has a Corporate and engineering background and has previous roles in the establishment of commercial products in the corporate sector, business and domestic markets.

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Des Knight

Product Development Manager and Inventor

A Heat Treater by trade, Des has over 40 years of manufacturing experience. He is a veteran A Grade Table Tennis player in the Bendigo league, and is still winning Championships. He under-stands the benefits that fitness brings, including a great family environment. Des is our ideas man and seeks your feedback on the products KT Games brings to market.

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Barbara Knight

Logistics Manager

Barbara brings to the company her skills in warehousing management and retail sales. Her experiences further include quality assurance, and operational management.

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Melissa Zhang

Communications Manager

Melissa brings to KT Games many years experience in Quality Control having 9002 Certification from her time in the Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Industry in China.She provides KT Games a great opportunity to help us reach out to the World market and offer products that satisfy our Vision.

Company Vision

We are dedicated to developing innovative, fun and active games that promote family togetherness. Our products are fast paced and action packed, providing entertainment for players of all ages.

Company Mission

Our mission is to deliver products which entertain, improve fitness, and enable the family to participate in the whole of family fun activities promoting better communication and togetherness that earlier generations enjoyed. Today's families need to strengthen the bonds within and from time to time we need to provide some relief from the technology devices being thrust upon us in an accelerated manner like never before. Your feedback on our products can confirm how well we achieve this mission.

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