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The Game of Gossimo™ - A Warlord Supremacy Battle

Experience an exciting twist on the much loved game of table tennis with Gossimo™ — a challenging new game for the whole family from KT Games. The game of Gossimo™ is set in ancient China during the Warring States Period (476 to 221 BC). China was divided during this time where Warlords ruled.

Game Features

This exciting twist on the much loved game of table tennis will get you hooked! The many features of the game of Gossimo™ include:

  • Helps reignite your family with fun together
  • An adjustable wall allowing play on a table tennis table or dining table
  • Enhances your table tennis skills
  • For amateurs, clubs and professionals, young or old
  • Helps you get active again

Go to Gossimo Picture Gallery to see where Gossimo is being played around the world.


Table tennis players both beginners or advanced will enhance their
table tennis skills, using Gossimo as a training tool to :

  • Learn to manoeuvre the ball with accuracy
  • Improve service, learn to place service with pin point accuracy.
  • Learn to make directional changes with accuracy.
  • Increase strategic skills

A truly brilliant and enjoyable way to enhance your table tennis skills!

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Note: Gossimo is an Australian Design,
The distinctive shapes and ornamentation of the table divider (Great Wall) and game pieces are all the Trademark of KT Games Pty Ltd
Registered designs pending.
Gossimo has AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2013 Compliance